Salmon vs Salmon Belly: Benefits, Nutrition & Flavor

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Christiana George
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Salmon is a well-known popular fish. Not only that it’s also known for its health benefits and nutritious value. It offers an immense amount of good protein for the body. As good as it is for your body, it’s also considered very tasty throughout the world.

So what about salmon vs salmon belly?

Salmon has a firm texture while Salmon belly has a tender and smoother texture. The fat salmon belly is higher than salmon. The taste of salmon belly is juicier and more flavorful in comparison to salmon itself. A Salmon belly is better for preparing sushi. Salmon belly is costlier.

Interested to know more about it? We’ve got your back. This article had all the information you are looking for.

So, without any further delay, let’s start!

A Brief Comparison – Salmon vs Salmon Belly

Salmon and salmon belly are technically the same except they are different parts of the body. Generally salmon refers to the whole body of the fish. Whereas salmon belly refers to especially the belly only.

The major difference is between the texture, taste, and attributes of that part of the fish. Now let’s go through a shortlist of the major differences between these two.

FactorsSalmonSalmon Belly
Fat ContentLowHigh
TasteFiberous Juicy, flavourful
Preparing SushiGoodBetter
Price (Per kg)$6-7 (approx)$11-12 (approx)

These are the main factors that differentiate salmon belly from other parts of the salmon fish. Looking for more detailed information? Worry not! Because we have a detailed comparison right below.

However, if you are looking for an answer right away, skip to the final verdict subsection. If not then let’s move on to the detailed comparison now.

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Salmon Vs Salmon Belly – An In-Depth Comparison

You may have gotten a good idea about these two counterparts. If you want to use salmon for more sophisticated dishes, you may want to know more. Because dishes like sushi require a lot of fine-tuning with the salmon itself.

So, let’s check the differences out without any further delay.


The biggest factor that carries the most weight is the texture. Salmon belly has a very tender and smooth texture because of the high-fat content. This is one of the major salmon belly benefits. It’s so soft that people argue that it feels like butter in your mouth when consumed.

On the other hand, other parts of the salmon fish are firm. They contain more fiber and are strong in nature. This gives the salmon a stronger texture more like beef and other meats. Both of the parts have their own benefits and attributes.


But the core taste of salmon stays the same in both parts of the fish. Even though salmon belly is more preferred in terms of taste. Mostly due to the smooth texture it has. But there are also people who like the firmer parts of the fish more. 

So we can say that it’s a draw between these two.

Winner: Draw.

Fat Content

It’s common sense that, the part of the belly will contain more fat. In any animal that is the norm let it cow or a fish. Likewise, the salmon belly contains more fish oil giving it a nice tender and smooth texture.

On the other hand, other parts of salmon don’t have that much fish oil. Generally salmon is an oily fish, so salmon belly contains even more oil. Now you may be wondering, “is salmon belly healthy?”

The answer is yes. Salmon belly is healthy. Even though it contains a lot of fat content they are healthy. The oil found in salmon contains a high amount of Omega-3 along with other nutrients. The fat it contains is good fat along with being flavourful.

Salmon Belly

Salmon belly definitely doesn’t carry any health risk. Instead, it’s good for your health in most cases. So, the winner is quite clear here.

Winner: Salmon Belly.


The taste of salmon is well known by everyone. But salmon belly specifically has some added taste because of its fat contents. It contains a lot of Omega-3 and good fat as we have said earlier. This adds a variety of flavors in comparison to other parts of the fish.

That’s why salmon belly in japanese culture is well known and popular. They mostly prefer salmon belly for sushis over other parts of the fish. Sushi also requires rice along with fish to be prepared. And the salmon belly compliments the rice perfectly.

If you are interested in preparing sushi and here are some recommended types of rice.

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Another reason is their healthy eating habit, which induces their likeness towards salmon more. On the contrary, salmon is used all over the world for various dishes. The taste of salmon is typically mild flavors, rich and oily in taste.

But unfortunately the most popular is canned salmon which is mostly bland in flavor. So in terms of flavor, salmon belly stays way ahead.

Winner: Salmon Belly.

Preparing Sushi

This is probably the most hyped topic of this article. Sushi is a very popular Japanese food, which is often made with salmon. There are different types of sushi but most of the sushis take advantage of salmon belly.

The reasons are quite simple. Because of the smooth and tender texture salmon belly goes well with sushi. As we talked about the rich flavors of salmon belly, it also goes well with sushi. The salmon belly sushi name is called the Sashimi in the Japanese language.

It’s widely popular in Japan as well as outside of Japan.  The salmon belly provides the recipe with a burst of flavor along with the perfect texture. This is why the salmon belly sashimi recipe is famous and salmon belly is preferred to prepare it.

There are also other dishes you can prepare with a salmon belly. For example, salmon belly teriyaki, Baked salmon belly, and Salmon salpicao recipe are some of them. Crispy salmon belly and salmon belly stripes are also some simple salmon belly recipes.

Salmon belly

However, salmon is also used in general for sushis. They are also tasty and give a buttery and smooth taste. But still, salmon belly is more preferred in most cases. So the winner in terms of preparing sushi is definitely salmon belly.

Winner: Salmon Belly


Even after all the good things about the salmon belly, remember that nothing comes without a price. Likewise, a salmon belly also costs more than Salmon. A kilo of salmon belly costs around 11.7 dollars.

On the other hand, a kilo of salmon costs around 6.5 dollars. This price discrepancy is well justified. If we consider that the salmon belly is only a small part of a salmon fish. Retrieving a kilo of the salmon belly will require more than double a kilo of salmon.

So salmon definitely takes the cake in this aspect.

Winner: Salmon

Final Verdict

Both salmon and salmon belly are closely related. As we have seen earlier, both have their own attributes. So consider the factors that differentiate these two and then choose the right one for you.

Salmon as a whole is a nutritious fish that has a firm texture with oily content. However, Salmon belly is more flavorful and especially juicy in comparison to salmon. This also means it’s high in fat content. But the containing fat is good fat and it also contains Omega-3 fatty acid.

A Salmon belly gives a smooth, rich, and buttery feel inside your mouth. However, other parts of salmon fish give more of a firm and meatlike feel. Salmon belly is more preferred for sushi too. So overall salmon belly is ahead in every aspect. But it also costs almost twice as much of as salmon. 

Therefore, if the price is not a concern for you then salmon belly is the ideal choice.


What is actually the Salmon Belly?

Salmon belly refers to the fatty cut part of the salmon fish. It has that lovely wobbling quality about it. It’s also high in Omega 3 fatty acids, popularly known as “healthy fats.” These contribute to the health of cell membranes while also impacting the skin’s capacity to retain water.

Is a Salmon belly safe for cholesterol levels?

Yes, Salmon belly doesn’t have any threat to cholesterol levels if eaten in moderation. However, if you eat too much of it, then the good cholesterols can turn into bad cholesterol. Which can be unhealthy. Otherwise, salmon belly contains good fat and Omega-3 which are good for your body.

Is a Salmon belly safe for fatty liver issues?

Yes, as surprising as it may sound, fatty fishes are good against fatty liver. Salmon, sardines, tuna, and trout are rich in healthy fats. These can help decrease inflammatory responses in the body and lower fat levels in the liver. But remember to consume them in moderation because too much of nothing is good.


We come to the end of our comparative guide on salmon vs salmon belly. Hopefully, this guide brought value to you and will give you a better understanding.

If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments.

Wish you all the best and goodbye!

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