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Christiana George
Christiana George
Welcome to The Tart Tart, my not-so-tart take on food, writing, and photography. I decided to start up this sucker after repeated nagging from Chris, my fiance, who cannot understand why the sight of a farmer’s market would send me into ecstatic convulsions (okay, total overstatement. I can be quite the histrionic at times).With that said, my interests, though chiefly in food, also span fashion, design, literature, and photography. So don’t mind the seemingly non sequitur odds and ends I toss in posts at times.

Okay I had to find out what all the fuss was about. I have been talking about this Biscoff Spread for a while and I had never heard of it.  So yesterday I was at the grocery store and spotted the jar next to the peanut butter and jelly.  I splurged and bought it.  (it’s not cheap).  Today I opened the jar and scooped some up in a spoon and had a little taste.  It is quite good.  I would say better than peanut butter.  I could see using it in recipes.  Picky palate has one for White Chocolate Biscoff blondies and I know I saw a recipe for Biscoff Pancakes.  I still think Nutella is heaven in a jar, but Biscoff could come in second place.

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