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Christiana George
Christiana George
Welcome to The Tart Tart, my not-so-tart take on food, writing, and photography. I decided to start up this sucker after repeated nagging from Chris, my fiance, who cannot understand why the sight of a farmer’s market would send me into ecstatic convulsions (okay, total overstatement. I can be quite the histrionic at times).With that said, my interests, though chiefly in food, also span fashion, design, literature, and photography. So don’t mind the seemingly non sequitur odds and ends I toss in posts at times.

I really can’t believe how fortunate we were to move into our neighborhood. Everyone is so friendly and most of them love just hanging out together outside chatting while our kids are contently running wild up and down the street. We seem to have a lot of impromptu block parties.  It starts with a couple of people and just grows. The other day it was dark out and way past dinner time, but no one wanted to go home so someone order pizzas and fed those that were hungry. This is definitely the type of neighborhood I want my kids to grow up in. 

Today I was passing around these Baileys Caramel Pecan Fudge squares to the neighbors.  Last year I made some awesome Dark Chocolate Guinness Fudge, so this year I had to change it up a bit and use Baileys.  This recipe is actually adapted from my Tequila Lime Coconut Fudge.  They are two different methods of making fudge, but both equally easy to make with successful results.

I will admit, I didn’t do a very good job of distributing the caramel while I was swirling, so some pieces of fudge had more caramel than others.  To cut the fudge I made sure I had a sharp knife and cleaned it after every cut and I also dipped it in some warm water before cutting.  That made my squares come out a little straighter.

This fudge came out so smooth and creamy.  The coffee flavor of the Baileys Irish Cream, the white chocolate, and the caramel came together in a symphony of flavor.  I was only going to add two tablespoons of Baileys, but I am glad I went with three.  It really gives the fudge it’s flavor, without having too much of an alcohol taste.  The pecans give the fudge a nice texture and their sweetness blends right in.

The neighborhood kids are not too happy with me right now because they can’t have this fudge, but their parents are happy to get in on the taste testing. 

Baileys Caramel Pecan Fudge

by The Sweet Chick

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Keywords: no bake stove top dessert white chocolate chips pecans caramel Baileys Irish Cream St. Patrick’s Day fudge American

Ingredients (64 squares)

  • 1 can (5 oz.) evaporated milk
  • 1 2/3 cups sugar
  • 1 2/3 cups mini marshmallows
  • 2 cups white chocolate chips
  • 3 tablespoons Baileys Irish Cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup chopped pecans
  • 1/4 cup caramel, divided


In a large saucepan, combine milk and sugar.

Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until the mixture comes to a boil.

Then cook for 8 minutes, again stirring constantly so that the milk does not scorch at the bottom of the saucepan.

Remove from heat and stir in the marshmallows, chocolate, Baileys, and vanilla.

If you mixture begins to harden up, simply place pot back on stove top and heat on low until the mixture becomes soft and smooth.

Next add in the pecans and stir until all incorporated.

Pour half the chocolate mixture into an 8×8 pan lined with parchment paper and spread out evenly.

Take 1/2 the caramel and drop it by spoonful on top of the chocolate mixture. Take a knife and swirl the caramel into the fudge until it is about evenly distributed.

Pour the remaining white chocolate mixture on top. Then add the remaining caramel to the top of the fudge, dropping it by spoonfuls and swirling it with a knife. (It doesn’t have to look perfect.)

Then place the 8×8 pan in the fridge until fudge is completely set, about 1-2 hours.

Cut into squares, eat, and enjoy! ( I was able to lift the fudge out of the pan with the parchment paper, then cut it.)

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