Can You Eat Raw Trout? Risks, Benefits, and Safety Precautions Explained

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Christiana George
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Eating freshwater fishes RAW can be unhealthy Trout is a freshwater fish. You can eat it raw but it is not encouraged. Because there is a higher chance of freshwater fish caring germs and parasites.

People eat raw fish when they’re fishing in a Boat.  are you thinking about the question- Can You Eat Raw Trout?

Though freshwater fishes like trout have a higher possibility of carrying parasites, you can eat raw trout. But it’s after freezing. The temperature of freezing should be -35 degrees celsius. It should be frozen for at least 15 hours, if not more. You have to clean the fish properly before eating it.

You should not eat raw freshwater fish as long as you have other options.  A lot of factors are considered before eating any raw fish.

Keep on reading the article to know more about the effects and consequences of eating raw Trout.

Can You Eat Raw Trouts?

Freshwater fishes like Trout possess a higher probability of caring germs and parasites. This does not happen in the case of saltwater fish. You can consume raw trouts. But eating raw Trout without freezing enough is not recommended. People often debate trout vs salmon.

A similar question prevails for salmon too, can you eat raw salmon?

You have to freeze it to the minimum limit. Even after that, the fish might contain bacteria on the outer body. Those won’t go without proper cleaning.

So, you can see freezing is a must before eating raw trout. And it’s better to avoid it.

Consequences of Eating Raw Trout

Trout are primarily freshwater fish. Therefore it may carry viruses, germs, parasites, and bacteria. The germs remain intact if you eat raw fish. And that’s why you can get sick from eating it. 

Many types of illnesses are due to eating raw fish. Food poisoning is a very common one of them.  You can have symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting tendency. It can form tapeworm in your intestine and diseases like anisakiasis and trichinosis. 

But when a trout is caught in saltwater, there is less risk of getting sick from eating it.

Raw Trout

Pros And Cons of Eating Trout 

Trout fish is very nutritious. Moreover, the calorie amount is low here. They are rich in protein. Omega 3 is present in abundance in trout fish. 

A variety of recipes for Trout fish is available. It is tasty. It is healthy. Along with protein, there is Vitamin B(thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin), vitamin D, Phosphorus, iodine, and iron.

To find a tasty Trout you have to find one living in clean water. Some famous Trout fish species are- Rainbow, Brooke, Brown, and Golden trout. They almost have similar flavors with subtle variations depending on the environment they live.

As we said before, you need to find Trout fish with clean vegetation to taste good. Most Trout species leave on muddy land. This infuses some muddy taste in their meat. 

They also have a chemical compound called geosmin in their body which gives a muddy smell and taste. This chemical compound comes from algae and bacteria reacting and forming organic compounds. 

To make it taste better, you have to go through a deep cleaning process. Otherwise, your food smells like mud and dirt.

List of Safe And Unsafe Fishes To Eat Raw

Wondering what fish can you eat raw? A list of common fishes that are safe to eat raw is given below:

  • Salmon
  • Shrimp
  • Crab
  • Octopus
  • Scallops
  • Eel

Some fishes have high Mercury level. Mercury can affect your nervous system. So you should eat them at a low limit. A small list of such features is given below:

  • Swordfish
  • Tuna
  • Seabass
  • Mackerel
  • Blue Marlin
  • Yellowtail

Making Raw Fish Safe

We mentioned before that freshwater fish has a higher possibility of getting parasites. But they are safe to eat if frozen at a specific temperature. At very low temperatures the harmful parasites die.

When we are talking about freezing, we do not mean refrigeration. Because parasites won’t die in simple refrigeration. Moreover, the temperature of refrigerators may be similar to the environment they used to live in.

 We make a chart of temperature and their corresponding time period of freezing. This chart is maintained to ensure the safety of eating freshwater fish. 

TemperatureMinimum Time
Frozen and stored at -20 degree Celsius7 days
Frozen at -35 degrees celsius & stored at -20 degree Celsius1 day 
Frozen and stored at -35 degrees celsius15 hours 
Raw Trout Fish

Identifying Fresh Trout

The safety of eating any raw fish highly depends on its freshness. Freshly caught fish poses a lesser threat than stale.

Now, how will you determine if a fish is fresh or not?

It can be determined by looking at the eyes and gills. Fresh fish has clear eyes. Its gills look bright. Its body will be firm and there will be a natural slim layer over the body.

Fresh Trout

Salt Water Fish And Fresh Water Fish: Considerable Factors

Fish habitation decides whether it is edible or in edible as raw. The environment of the fish living has a great role in this matter. Because the water in which it lives in, carries germs, viruses, and bacteria.

There is a high level of salt in salt water. These high level of salt kills many parasites and bacteria. We all are familiar with the process of preserving fish in saltwater.

On the other hand, fresh water is beneficial for any parasite to grow. You can have infection transmitted through freshwater fish if you eat them raw.

Trout And Shushi

Sushi is gaining rising popularity due to its nutrition provided by raw fish. You can get a higher dose of protein and Omega 3s by eating it raw. But the case of freshwater fish like Trout is a bit different. It’s the most famous among raw trout recipes.

Sushi is made out of Trout after leaving it to marinate for a long time. Sauce, lemon, and other dressing are used to marinate after cutting the fish into small pieces. It is served with rice vinegar, wasabi, green onion, seaweed strips, ginger, shiso leaves, etc.

Everybody loves sushi. And you can make and serve it very easily at home. If you are looking for sushi accessories, check out the table below.

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Hope you found the products helpful. Now let’s move on to the next segment.

Tips From Pro

Some professional tips for cooking Trout fish are given below:

  • Maintain a proper temperature. Because we want to fully cook it, but keep it moist and not overcook.
  • Before cooking, slash both sides of the fish meat so that the sides are cooked properly.
  • Before taking it out of the stove, insert a fork in the thickest part. Check if it’s properly cooked.
  • To bring out the best flavor stream the Trout and moisten it
  • To enhance the flavor use butter and lemon

By using the tips above, you can improve your trout cooking immensely.


Do Rainbow Trout and Salmon have the same nutrition?

It depends on the raising of rainbow Trout by professionals. If it’s raised too well, then it can be more nutritious than salmon. Rainbow Trout is famous for its high nutrition. You can bring out the flavor with your experienced cooking or have raw Rainbow Trout.

What are the symptoms of infection due to raw Trout?

There can be various symptoms including food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc. Major food poisoning can happen due to eating raw or undercooked Trout.

Is it safe to eat half-cooked fish?

Cooking thoroughly is always the best option. But if you personally like eating raw or partially cooked fish then you should choose sea fish. Otherwise, you have to freeze your fish before eating them. It is a must.


Avoiding eating raw Trout is better if you have other options. But if you like it raw, then make sure to freeze it at a specific temperature before eating.

If you had the question- can you eat raw trout? I hope you found your answer to why and why not.

Take care of your health. Stay safe. Bye-bye.

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