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How to make paneer » The Tart Tart

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  1. Eileen December 3, 2012 at 3:28 pm · Reply

    Yay paneer! Isn’t it great? I think it’s one of my favorite Indian ingredients ever. That’s a beautiful batch!

  2. Stephanie @ okie dokie artichokie December 3, 2012 at 7:09 pm · Reply

    Oh my goodness, I am in LOVE with palak paneer, as evidenced by the toppling stack of Trader Joe’s frozen kind in my freezer. I’m in love with the stuff and always get it at Indian restos. I’m excited to see this recipe though b/c it’s much more economical (and fun!) to make it yourself as opposed to buying it for a whopping $7 a block!

  3. carey December 3, 2012 at 9:15 pm · Reply

    My brother and I — having both lived in the Albany area and taken full advantage of its awesome selection of great (or, at the very least, relatively good), cheap Indian restaurants — lament the fact that the Burlington area is severely lacking in this department. There’s one Indian restaurant on the edge of downtown that’s hit or miss (usually miss), and just far too overpriced to risk it. And there’s another way outside of town that I’ve heard is terrible, and they have these strange vertical slat blinds on their windows that, when closed, actually make the windows look like they’re boarded up. Why?!

    I’ve made queso blanco a few times before, but I have yet to make paneer (which I think is pretty much the same, except that paneer uses more acid for the coagulation [what a gross word]). There’s also a paneer recipe in my Artisan Cheese Making at Home book that uses buttermilk in place of citric acid/lemon juice, which I find intriguing. (That book has some amazing-sounding recipes, and makes me pine for a cheese cave…)

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