Matchstick Fries, and Lately I’ve Been Loving, Part 2

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Christiana George
Christiana George
Welcome to The Tart Tart, my not-so-tart take on food, writing, and photography. I decided to start up this sucker after repeated nagging from Chris, my fiance, who cannot understand why the sight of a farmer’s market would send me into ecstatic convulsions (okay, total overstatement. I can be quite the histrionic at times).With that said, my interests, though chiefly in food, also span fashion, design, literature, and photography. So don’t mind the seemingly non sequitur odds and ends I toss in posts at times.

Apologies to those who want me to get straight to the food commentary. (Although it’s becoming apparent that I’m always kind of long-winded when it comes to writing about food, isn’t it?) Feel free to jump past this section, of course.

To all you others, lately I’ve been loving…

– Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, lemon and blueberry fro-yo to be exact. I had the pleasure of trying the salted caramel flavor this weekend, and while it was delicious and pleasantly salty, the lemon was stunning. Luckily the recipe can be found online.
– Niagara grapes, a replacement to the Muscats I can’t get on this coast.
– The perfect wedding ring has been found. It was love at first sight; I was mesmerized by the shine and didn’t want to take it off.
– The Book Thief may fall in the YA category, but it was so creative and lovingly written. Apparently, 1,249 people agreed, yowza.
– Fashion Week street style. I can’t help loving the grand display those fashion insiders put on twice a year.
– Jeanne Damas. Specifically, I love her hair. So much so, I was inspired to carve out a set of bangs for myself the other day. It soon became clear that I’m rusty in the bangs-cutting department. They turned out shorter than I would’ve liked. A LOT shorter, and crooked too. This is why there are professionals to do this sort of thing—but surely I’m not the only person in the world staunchly opposed to forking over money simply to get my bangs cut?

And the latest Pinterest love:

– This photo pretty much captures love, don’t you think?
– The perfect wedding takes place in the forests of Northern California. (I want a forest wedding!)
– This wedding veil is utterly romantic. I must get it.
– One of my favorite food photos as of late. It is so moody and evocative.


On to today’s recipe. Chris and I got home famished, after an afternoon rummaging through the Brooklyn Flea. I remembered that we had been given a bunch of potatoes, big dusty Idahos, that had been sitting on the counter for awhile. We hardly ever have potatoes in the house, because neither of us really like them except when they’re deep-fried.

So that’s what I decided to do. I whipped up a batch of these matchstick fries in no time, doused them in salt, pulled out a couple beers from the fridge, and suddenly, happy hour had been transported home with us. Minus the lack of seats.



Recipe adapted from Barefoot Contessa
Serves 2


Vegetable oil
1 Idaho potato, peeled


Slice the potato into matchsticks of about 1/8″ thick. You can use a mandoline, but I just hand-sliced without too much difficulty.

Heat about 1/2-inch of oil on medium heat in a medium saucepan with steep sides.

When the oil starts to shimmer, gently drop enough potatoes in the pan so it’s full but not overcrowded (overcrowding will cause the potatoes to stick together). Cook until they turn golden brown, about 5 minutes. Remove them with a slotted spoon and drain them on a paper towel. Continue cooking batches until you run out of potatoes.

Serve with your favorite condiments. Chris likes them as simple as can be, amply salted, and I like them with ketchup.

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