What to Write on A Wedding Cake – Make Your Wedding Special!

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Weddings is one of the most important events in a person’s life. And wedding cake is a significant part of it. A wedding cake symbolizes a lot of things about the wedding. And that’s why the writing on the wedding cake is a big concern.

But what to write on a wedding cake?

A wedding cake can have a short message written on it. It can be a playful phrase or a romantic quote that you like. You may also write your names on the cake. But whatever you write, it should make the cake look classy. Overall, the cake should celebrate the new status of your life.

The above portion gives a vague idea about the writings on a wedding cake. If you want to look deeper into the matter, please read the full article.

Symbol of A Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is usually a white cake with white icing and decorations. Traditionally it’s made in tiered layers.

A wedding cake symbolizes prosperity and good luck. It also symbolizes that the marriage will be long-lasting and happy with the best ingredients available. So, a wedding cake meaning is quite significant.

Mr and Mrs Cake Topper Rhinestone Metal Love Wedding Cake
Mr and Mrs Cake Topper Rhinestone Metal Love Wedding Cake

So, we can see that wedding cake is an art. But with a good cake artist, this thing can be pulled off nicely.

Difference Between Wedding Cake And Regular Cakes

We often celebrate different occasions with a cake. But wedding cakes are a bit different from those regular cakes.

Wedding cakes are not like birthday cakes or other regular cakes. They certainly take more time, effort, and expertise than the cake designer. It takes more ingredients as well to make a wedding cake.

Traditionally, wedding cakes are vanilla flavored with vanilla buttercream frosting. At present, chocolate cakes are also popular as wedding cakes. Wedding cakes are usually two or three-layered cakes.

There’s a wedding cake topper on top of every wedding cake. This topper is usually a small model that represents the bride and the groom. These models are designed as wearing formal wedding clothes.

The topper can be edible or inedible. Sometimes the models aren’t used as the topper. There may be any symbol that resembles the couple’s passion as the topper. 

Sometimes words are also used as the topper instead of icing them on the cake. Anything that fits the wedding theme can be used as the topper. You can even skip it if you feel like it’s not necessary with the cake.

So, we can see that wedding cakes are quite different from regular cakes.

Captioning The Wedding Cake

Now comes the important part of what to write on your wedding cake. You can go for small phrases like “Just Married”, “Mr. & Mrs.”, etc. These are some of the most used lines on a wedding cake.

Source: Brides

There can be a wedding cake with names written on it. Wedding cake quotes love as well.

However, you can wish to follow a different path. For that, you can add lines from wedding vows or you can add short messages. You can practice cake cutting quotes for weddings as well. Now let’s discuss it in more detail.

Source: The Cake Decorating Company

Picking Lines from Vows

There must be a favorite line of yours in your wedding vows. You can pick that line and use it on your wedding cake. You may instruct the cake designer to use short fonts. In that way, it will look like a new design on the cake.

You can add multiple lines to show what to say on the wedding cake. In that case, the top of the cake may not have enough space to fit the words. But the designer can use the side of the cake to write and make it visually appealing.

Also, you can use the multiple tiers of your wedding cake. Instead of writing on only the top tier of the cake, use all the tiers. Thus you can fit in multiple lines from your vows. And the whole cake will get a new look.

However, discuss it thoroughly with your cake designer and finalize it well. Make sure that the cake looks good even after you fit in such lines. Because your wedding cake should look as gorgeous as you on the wedding day.

Using Short Wishes

A short message, a small wish, or even a small joke is captioned on the wedding cake. However, it should fit the context.

This idea of adding a short message or wish is a very classic one. And it looks good if it’s pulled off nicely. Your cake should have an elaborate design so that it doesn’t look messy after adding the message.

You can add short messages from your beautiful moments or memories. You can also add small jokes from any of your funny moments. However, don’t ruin the cake with meaningless words or sentences. There are a lot of funny wedding cake messages, use them.

Here as well, you can utilize the multiple layers and tiers of your cake. Consult with your designer well about what should be written on the wedding cake.

So, these were the ideas about what to write on your wedding cake. You can go forward with any approach you like.

Best Cakes for Wedding

After you’re ready with the caption for the wedding cake, you should choose the cake type. The amount of significance the wedding cake holds, you should choose a good one for that.

In case your wedding cake is the only dessert, it’s good to choose two flavors of it. One of them can be the couple’s favorite whereas the other can be served to the guests. The couple should enjoy the wedding cake first and it should reflect their taste. 

Some of the best wedding cakes are-

  • Red Velvet
  • Strawberry & Cream
  • Chocolate Cappuccino
  • Chocolate Decadence
  • Lemon Berry
  • Hazelnut Praline
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Chocolate Orange

You can choose to select any of the above or any other cake that you like.

Tips to Design A Wedding Cake

Your designer may provide you with all the information, still knowing some basic things can help you. That’s why we’ve some basic tips for you regarding designing a wedding cake. They are as follows-

  • The overall concept of the cake should be according to the couple’s liking. The cake should match the wedding theme.
  • The number of tiers in the cake should be enough to serve the people attending the wedding.
  • The components in the wedding cake should be suitable for the environment.
  • The frosting of the cake should be able to deliver the proper color and texture. And it should deliver the flavor that needs to be delivered.
  • The fondant should be used accordingly to decorate the cake well.
  • Be confirmed what to write on the wedding reception cake and the topper beforehand.
  • Be sure about which elements of the cake will be edible and which will be inedible.

So, these are some useful tips while designing a wedding cake.

Fake Layers in Wedding Cakes

Some wedding cakes are decorated with fake layers. In that case, the real tier of the cake is cut by the couple. And the lower tiers of the cake are made using fake elements. This is done to decorate the cake within a low budget.

Source: Emmaline Bride

In case you have a shortage of budget, you can go this way. Thus your cake will look fancy, and you won’t have to spend much.


What’s the tradition of cutting the wedding cake?

As per tradition, the bride and groom cut the wedding cake and get the first bite. The cake can be served to each other with a fork or something else. It’s a sweet moment and all the guests look forward to it.

Which colors shouldn’t be worn at a wedding as a guest?

White or any shades of white color shouldn’t be worn at a wedding as a guest. Also, all black, all red, bridesmaid dress color, etc. should be avoided. Besides, it’s good not to wear heavily metallic or too sparkling colors.

Cake cutting or toast, which should come first?

Toasts can be before or after cutting the cake. There’s no mandatory rule for that. The toast can be after all courses of the meal as well. Or else, it can be in between two courses of the meal. Depending on the time of cutting the cake, the toast can be at any time.

Why is the wedding cake cut during the ceremony?

The wedding cake is cut during the ceremony and the bride and the groom feed each other. This symbolizes their love and commitment to each other in the years to come. That’s why cake cutting is an important part of the wedding.

Why are there tiers in a wedding cake?

The tiers in a wedding cake depict prosperity and it’s also a status symbol. Because only wealthy ones can afford a multiple-tiered wedding cake. That’s why it represents the bride and groom quite well.


So, this was all we had to discuss what to write on a wedding cake. Hope you enjoyed going through the whole article.

We tried to cover the other aspects of a wedding cake as well for your convenience. Hopefully, it will help you to choose the perfect wedding cake. This was all from us. Have a good time.

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